Friday, May 15, 2009

Catching Up!

No really, I have not disappeared into never, never land. We have just been incredibly busy (not a really good excuse) and I have been happily exhausted and a little nauseous (which I praise God for because that means baby is growing!). So, I am posting some pictures of our highlights from April and May so you can have a little peek into what we've been up to .... Easter came and we praise God for His incredible sacrifice that allows us forgiveness and amazing grace. We had our last Agape P.E. class in April. This has been an awesome program we have participated in for the last two years with tons of other homeschoolers. We also packed up and moved toward the end of April, as well as celebrating P's birthday. Started May celebrating M's birthday and Mother's Day. Enjoyed our 5th year of Homeschool Day at 6 Flags ... awesome, no lines and lots of well-behaved kids. Drooled over lots of cool curriculum and books and other nifty deals at the Homeschool Bookfair. And, now we are close to being unpacked (thank you Jesus!) and grateful for all the Lord's blessing and provision. We are blessed!

Brian contemplating .... girl or boy? girl or boy?

Easter dresses ... such pretty girls!

An Easter reminder that we are the sheep and He is the ever-faithful, ever-loving Shepherd.

Last day at AGAPE ... fun and games!

The great packing helpers ??!

Oh the fun of packing the truck ...

The new casa ... a blessing from the Lord.

The view on the drive to the "promised land" ...

The Six Flags gang at the start of the day ...

The annual drench at the end of the day! :)

It just doesn't get much better than this ... thank you Lord for how tremendously you bless us!


Julie said...

Ahhh, neat pictures! Beautiful home, wonderful dear family and looks like lots of fun! We are on the waiting list of Agape. Not sure if/when we will get in but we are trying. Thanks for sharing!!

sharilyn said...

what a wonderful post, debra! i love all the photos--the girls look so happy and fun... and the egg!! hilarious! :) (are you guys going to find out what kind of baby you're having? [besides 'human' of course!])

that ship ride makes me sooooo sick!!!!!! ugh!

and your new home looks beautiful! i'm so happy for you all... God is good!

Lisa said...

Loved your catch up post! So happy you're settling in and feeling well aside from the usual pregnancy issues. Your girls are beauties!

Wish we could come hang out with ya'll!

Jen said...

Loved all the pics! So thankful for your new home. Looks like it's out in the country :)

alece said...

your new home is so beautiful.

this is such a year of restoration for you. God is faithful!