Saturday, May 30, 2009

My "Ace of Cakes"

When the girls were born, I decided I was going to learn to decorate birthday cakes for their parties and other events in their lives. It has been a real learning process that has led to my making cakes for a few of my best friends delightful children and it has given me great joy to bless them in that way. This week we made Colton's birthday cake ... I say we because on anything with a "boy" theme, the man of the house MUST get involved. This cake was Star Wars Clone Wars. Yep, not so much easy and I always want to cakes to be great fun.

So, I had this idea that we should make a space ship (namely the Millenium Falcon) out of rice krispie crunch and cover it with fondant (which I had a box of ... that turned out to be a bit old and dry, but worked none-the-less) and then make it hover over the cake, which would have Clone Wars figurines on it. A small feat you say? Um, yes ... well, no, not really. But, my Handsome Husband was up to the task and look at what came out ... amazing, huh?

Here is the cake, minus the figurines. Seriously! Check out the detail on this ship ... blows my mind!

My sweet handsome husband!

What he'd rather be "constructing!"

Thank you sweet hubby ... YOU ROCK!


April Spicer said...

I'm SO impressed! What teamwork. :) I love that and Brian and I do catch the occasional late night episode of Ace of Cakes. :) Miss you!! Hey, I'm coming there in 2 weeks and will be there for 2 weeks. We must get together? Maybe come visit you at your new casa??? :)

Lisa said...

He totally ROCKS, girl! That cake is amazing - you're an awesome team! I have never ever taken on the cake making hobby. It's just not my thing. Give me paper and scissors and a few other craft tools and I'm good to go. Icing? No ma'am.

Julie said...

Very well done! What a awesome talent to have. I really, really want to learn how to make amazing cupcakes!