Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dunham Family Hoopla

This year, like every year on Memorial Weekend for the last 8 years, my mother's side of the family got together for what we call "Dunham Family Hoopla." It's a tradition we started with the goal of always having a dedicated time to be together as a family ... to build relationships, make memories, have the cousins and second cousins experience growing up together, eat lots of yummy foods, play lots of games, laugh, tell stories, compete in the "Hoopla Olympics" and generally love on each other for one long weekend each year.

Most years we go somewhere ... one year to a beach house in Galveston, several years on the lake, last year to the Rocking H campsite. This year, like a couple others, we revised our plans. Big Grannie had been in the hospital and, in an effort not to compromise her health, those of us who were able spent part of the weekend together at my Aunt Doris' house ... still enjoying each other, playing games, laughing and praying that next year all will be healthy and well and raring to go back to the Rocking H.

Waiting on the rest of the cousins to arrive ...

Catching up ... where better to chat than in the shade in the back of the truck?

Dominoes anyone ... better have on your "big girl (or boy) panties" because these players are vicious!

Jump rope ...

Oh, yes he did ... who says double dutch is just for girls?

Giggling girls ... oh the joy!

Cousins (minus two) growing bigger and more beautiful/handsome every year!

Can't end the photo session without one crazy picture, can we?

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