Sunday, May 31, 2009

Budding Chef

I'd like to think I inspired her, what with cooking homemade flour tortilla's, homemade cornbread and homemade buttermilk bisquits last week. But, likely not. She is working her way to being queen of the kitchen all on her own. Today, when there wasn't much else going on and it wasn't time to go to the swimming pool yet, Miss M decided she would bake some banana bread all on her own. The only thing I did was provide the recipe. I must say ... it was DELICIOUS!

Stirring and mixing and stirring and mixing ....

Which of these sweet things are the official batter taster?!?!


Oh yes, it was soooo delicious! :)


alece said...

way to go!

i still hate cooking...

(am i the only one who has difficulty reading the text on your site??)

sharilyn said...

oh my, i'm needing some of that!! it looks delicious!! :) way to go, girls! (if you ever need a batter tester, a beater licker, or a bowl cleaner, i'm your gal!)

alece--i don't have any problems reading the text... :\

Julie said...

How fun! Jacob loves to be in the kitchen with. His favorite is cracking the eggs. :) How neat your daughter is developing a love of being the kitchen.