Friday, May 22, 2009

Farm Friends

One of the neat blessings we have received in moving out to the "promised land" is we are close to some of our newest friends from AGAPE Homeschool P.E., the Westmorelands. The girls joyously look forward to Thursday playdates with their crew. Such fun! This week, there were 5 baby kittens to carry around and, uhmmm, love on ... not to mention a bullfrog, goats, dogs, fleas and chickens. Here are a few highlights ...

Sweet friends and baby kittens ... the perfect combination!

Well, maybe not so perfect ... for the kitten, anyway.

No, this is not a kitten, it is a toad ... I assured her it would not turn into a handsome prince, so don't kiss it! :)

The other farm friends ....

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sharilyn said...

love it! love the country! just got home from a week at "home" (MI) with family. they live in the country in rural MI, and i love the wide open fields, big skies, green green everywhere, trees!!, birdsong, mosquitos (NOT! big and bold and hungry this spring!), and farm animals... got to hold a wk-old lamb (looked like the one you posted) and a little toad, too! :)

congrats to the girls on their swimming excellence! looks like great fun! :)