Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yesterday, our ingenious girls set their minds to a new game ... marbles. I found them giggling and having great fun seeing who could knock the most marbles out of the circle. When I asked where they learned to play marbles, the response was "Little House on the Prairie, Mom!" Duh! Yes folks, there is still some t.v. where wholesome learning still occurs. :)

Not to be left out, Daddy joined in for the second game. And, being the "expert" tried to share a few tips. Not received so well. Two against one and the rules stayed the same as the first game. Ahhhh, Dad! I'll let the pictures tell the story ...

"Mom ... Dad is meeeeeean!"

Seriously, they are all very competitive and had a rip-roaring, marble-rolling good time!


sharilyn said...

soooo.... if someone says that one of the Morel family has lost his/her marbles, it just may be true! :) i loved marbles as a kid...not playing ('cause i didn't like to lose mine!)...just collecting. especially the dark blue clearies!!! :)

Julie said...

We have a marble collection! Both my boys have always loved them. Very fun!