Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tadpoles and Budding Frogs

One of the fun things about swim lessons this year was the creek right next to the house. The girls and Julia (whose Mom is the swim teacher) collected hundreds of tadpoles and a bucketful of these lovely creatures came home with us. The girls check on them everyday and Daddy has even gone to the pond to get "fresh" water for them so they can grow and thrive in their lovely environment of pond muck. After two weeks of waiting, one of the little guys has sprouted legs and is beginning to look like he is preparing for freedom! :) So cool!

Sort of like us ... the Lord teaches us and grows us and strengthens our arms and legs until we are ready to hop. I love the Lord! And, we are really enjoying watching these tadpoles. Thank you God for speaking them into being in just this fun way!


Julie said...

Very cool! I need to take Jacob back to get some. He would love watching that. Thanks for the idea. I was always in rush mode when we left and missed out on that neat adventure!

sharilyn said...

ah, such memories of childhood do tadpoles bring back!! i used to love to catch them and grow them... i especially love the way they look when they have their back legs but not their front ones yet... (so much like me, perhaps?!)

enjoy your baby frogs!! : )

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Way cool! I'm thinking that we're going to get some tadpoles and caterpillars for science this year. Tot LOVES anything animal/bug like so she'll be stoked.

We need to get together sometime!

Room to Think said...

Hello! How are you and baby doing?