Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Camping We Will Go ...

This year we celebrated Father's Day with the great send off ... Madison left on her first long (5 days, 4 nights and no calling home) camping experience at Dry Gulch in Oklahoma (a whole different state ... ugh!) ... and we drove Peyton to "Camp Grannie" (a.k.a. my mom's house) for possibly the same amount of time, fortunately, she is allowed to call home! Can't wait to hear the stories when they return. Sure is quiet around here, but I know they are both being blessed tremendously! God is good!

Sisterly love ... I'm thinking Peyton is really going to miss her big sister and favorite playmate. I just LOVE this picture of them. Such JOY!

Father's Day love for the Daddy-O!

Hooking up with friends ... Callie and Madison. Madison was excited to find she had quite a few friends she knew that were going to camp.

Madison and Brooklyn ready to get on the bus and get going!

"Resting up" on the drive to "Camp Grannie."

Peyton and her favorite "camp" counselor ... oh what fun is in store!

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Lisa said...

Hope you've enjoyed your special time alone together! Hope you're feeling well these days.