Thursday, June 11, 2009

Such Lavish Gifts ...

It has been too long since I posted gifts ... God's gifts to me, to us. I have them in a seperate word document, but I need to post them often. Because gratitude fills my soul with joy and makes every day shiny and new and ... reminds me that He loves me ... loves us ... lavishly!

541. How amazing it is that this gratitude … these gifts lift me up! Thank you, Ann for your challenge.
542. Mashed potatoes!
543. New baby on the way!
544. God provided another house for us to lease that exceeds our expectation and meets our budget.
545. Stepping out of my comfort zone.
546. God moments that are everyday and so exciting when I see them. AWESOME!
547. Nausea because that means a baby is being knit by God.
548. Love … God’s love for us so great that Jesus, who loves us, too, gave his life so that we might live.
549. Loaned packing boxes.
550. The anticipation of new spaces.
551. Supportive friends.
552. Encouragement.
553. Redemption that is all the Lord.
554. Enjoying having hubby at home in the interim of life changes.
555. Hearing the baby’s heart beat.
556. Homeschool friends who live on farms and the non-stop fun that comes from play dates with them.
557. Chickens … did I mention I have a chicken fetish? Yep, I want a hen house.

558. Greenhouses … I want one of those, too.
559. What I am learning from my blog friends.
560. How God makes everything new when we submit to Him.
561. “Alpha Summit” and the way the Lord blessed my husband at it.
Friends that Job’s friends can learn from.
563. Being on adventure with the Lord … there’s just no one better.
564. Less than two weeks and I can quit taking progesterone … yippee!
565. The new laws for COBRA that help out-of-work families. Thank you, Lord!
566. The ability to agree to disagree and still be friends.
567. Satan has lost and He knows it and all we have to do is remind him and claim God’s glory.
568. Opportunities to bless others.
569. Being on the same page with my husband in this journey with the Lord. Wow!
570. Breakthrough in baby steps with my sister.
571. Offers for sharing maternity clothes and cribs. Sweet!
572. God working out the details in my sweet friend, Jennifer’s, adoption journey.
573. Sweet little reminders that God is standing next to us and providing all the way.
574. Submission.
JOY! Seriously, in spite of life’s circumstances, there is JOY!
God teaching me about grace … receiving it and dishing it out.
577. The fact that we all have an “in line” to the Lord.
578. Salty warm foods like cheese grits and Whataburger potato and egg taquito’s … YUM!
579. The miracle that God did in healing our friend, Steven.
580. Watching God’s love poured out on people who are in His family. Amazing!
581. Homemade buttermilk bisquits … yep, I mastered them.
582. Tadpoles.
Rainstorms … and how they remind me the Lord washes out the old and ushers in the new.
584. Cooking and knowing that all the ingredients are fresh and wholesome for my family.
585. God speaking over me, rejuvenation! Hallelujah!
586. Our AWESOME spiritual family and how they lavish us with love and care.
587. The peace that overwhelmed me when I quit listening to satan and asked for prayers.
588. George Mueller and what I learn from him ... prayer! You do not have because you do not ask and NOTHING is too small to ask.
589. 2 Samuel 14:14 - "Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But God does not take away life; instead, he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him." Such lavish love!
590. Being all unpacked!

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Lisa Caloss said...

#557 -- what is it about homeschooling and chickens?! ;) I'd love to have a little chicken coup but it's against our neighborhood rules. :(