Monday, November 5, 2012

Bible in 90 Days: Halfway

We are a bit over the halfway mark reading through the Word. And, what an amazing journey! (Day 51, midway through Isaiah) There is much I could write and share, however, we are in the midst of moving and settling, so I'll write a few highlights ...

  • One of the things I am loving about this is reading 12 pages at a time. It makes the Old Testament "story-like," for lack of a better way to describe it, which means, there is more noticing what the whole picture is. And, my what an amazing picture!
  • When reading Psalms, it is consistent that the writer and the people knew how BIG and MIRACULOUS and STRONG and MIGHTY and what a RESCUER and FORGIVER and LOVER that the Lord is. That really struck me. And, the other thing that really struck me is you can read that TRUTH and not eternalize it. You can hear it and know it and not really, really believe it and live in it. It is the truth. God is all those things and more and it motivated me to call out for those things, those rescues, that love and have a greater expectation as a Daughter of the King. Amen!
  • It is clear, man cannot save you, only God can. Why even bother to look anywhere else? 
More observations and revelation to come when I get a minute to write it out. Love reading His Word. Love Him!

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