Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Science Experiment #5

Our science project today focused on taste, smell and sight. Several of the senses the good Lord has blessed us with. It was interesting and exciting for our scientist as she loved the "faking them out" aspect of it! :)

Our supplies ... lemon jello and food coloring.

Studying up and prepping for our experiment. Very diligent!

Jello divided. Our samplers were to smell the jello first and give their impressions followed by tasting and impressions. The jello was all lemon and the responses were never lemon. Ah, how the eye and mind can trick us.

Taste tester #1.

Taste tester #2.
There are so many spiritual lessons to be learned from this experiment. One of the most important is this: things are not always as our natural eyes see them, or our nose smells them, or our minds imagine them. Satan's job is to trick us into believing God is not with us, that God is a liar, the He will not do what He says, and that God is not the one in charge of all things. Just like the lemon jello parading as strawberry. Didn't matter that it looked like strawberry and didn't necessarily smell like lemon. it was lemon. Same with God, His will WILL be done. What He says will happen. Take Him at His Word because God is not a liar, cannot lie and is always faithful! Praise His name! 

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