Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eating Out on the Coast

On my parents last visit to the coast, we went with (for the last time) to eat at a couple of our favorites ... Shaggy's and Tony's Brick Oven Pizzeria! Shaggy's is right on the beach in Biloxi and all open-air and Tony's all home-made pizzeria is in downtown Gulfport.

Paw-Paw and the big girls.

Three generations!

The gang (minus Daddy, sadly, who was in New Orleans).
Perfect weather. Awesome view.

At Tony's, the peeps get to play with pizza dough.

Attempt at imitating the chefs twirling the dough.

A wee more successful.

One of the best pictures I've taken of Paw-Paw, hands down. He is a smiling, joyful person but it doesn't always come across on camera. This time, I caught it! :)

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