Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The BIG Bike Ride - Part One

At the beginning of October 2012, Brian rode in his 3rd MS150 Bike Ride from Louisiana to Mississippi and back again (75 miles each way). What made this ride so special, however, is MADISON rode it with him!! Yes, our 12-year old rode her bicycle 150 miles over two days to raise money from those struggling with MS. So proud of her and her Daddy. They are warriors for those who cannot fight for themselves! Isn't that just what God calls us to be? Here is the story ...

The world's greatest cheerleader sisters!

The riders checking in their things.

Not to be left out! :)

Always time for a donut!

A little sister-to-sister exchange. Precious!

The BP Riders!

Getting lined up.

Awwww ... I heart them so much!

And, they're off!

Being it's his third ride, I'm saying he's not struggling so much.

That's our girl peddling through the pain in an uphill!

Almost to the end for the day! There were tons of these signs
and balloons for encouraging the weary riders.

First day's finish line! Whoop!
A well-deserved massage. Yes, please!

Yep, pretty proud of our girl!

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