Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bible in 90 Days: Week 1.5

We completed Day 11 today (which brings us to Numbers 21:7) and I would like to say this is one of the most awesome things that God has called our family to to date! We sit together EVERY DAY and read the Bible. We share anything that stood out to us individually, discuss it and end our time together in prayer. It is!!

I would love to share everything God is showing me/us, but I'd be writing a ton. So, I'll just share a few nuggets ...
  • Abraham and Jacob (Abraham's grandson) both slept with their wives maids, at their wives requests, when they appeared barren. Isaac (Abraham's son) prayed to God for Rebekah to become pregnant when she was barren and the Lord answered his prayer. It made me wonder if Abraham taught Isaac NOT to take that particular matter into his own hands, having done it unsuccessfully himself, however that lesson wasn't passed on to Jacob?
  • Obedience ... "the midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the King of Egypt had told them to do" (Ex. 1:17) ... equals blessing! "God was kind to the midwives ... and because the midwives feared God, He gave them families of their own ..." (Ex. 1: 20,21).
  • And, the best revelation I've had so far is that Leviticus is not about rules at all, but about God's covenant and His great love for us. He has "set you apart from the nations TO BE MY OWN" (Lev. 20: 26). And, even then, "I am the Lord WHO MAKES YOU HOLY" (Lev. 22: 32b) ... it was His job and His plan all along and even then He knew and planned that it would be Jesus' sacrifice for us that would achieve our righteousness before Him. Wow!

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