Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Army and Smiling

Everyday, I need this army around me ... around us ...

Everyday, I need the breath that is God's Word and I don't always make it a priority like I should. I know it breaks His heart.
It certainly breaks mine.
And, even when I am not faithful, He is. (2 Tim. 2:13) Praise Jesus!

And, when I think He is frowning and shaking His head and ready to toss me back in the pond and so disappointed, somehow, I know ... I remind myself ... that He knows me, He created me. HE has it all under control and, perhaps, He is even smiling at me ... prompting me along. Get back up Debra!

I love this pictue because it is the exact opposite of my old impression of Jesus. But, I'm knowing that He smiles. And, He smiles at me even. And, in fact, He sings over me. (Zeph. 3:17) And, He's not all about drama and grudges and punishing, He is about growing me and growing my character, and loving, and teaching lessons that are sometimes painful and about redemption. Our preacher, Steve Robinson, said it this way at church a couple Sunday's ago:

I think God's looking down when we are messing up and saying,
"Boy, I can't wait for Debra to get home (get her eyes back on Me) because she's really stubbing her toe without me." Yep!

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for reminding me of exactly what I needed to hear and focus on today. You, Lord, are so good!

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