Monday, September 3, 2012

No words ...

"There are days when the gospel hits me like a ton of bricks. Days when my heart has been cold and forgetful and adulterous to the Gift. Days of busyness that have caused my sight to be shifted to myself. I forget. I deserve to be left to wander. But no, He comes. For no reason other than love He comes in the morning and in his ravenous mercy He brushes the filth from my eyes and says "See me". And I see. Suddenly in the trees and the traffic and the taste of my coffee, I see Him. Overwhelmingly, I see. Though my heart, it wanders, He reminds me. Undeserved rescue. Scandalous pursuit. Gospel. I love it."   
                                                                                      -Keri Crowell Duckett

I read this today reposted on Alan Smith's Facebook page. It described exactly how my heart has felt ... alot ... lately. Scandalous pursuit. Amazing grace!

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