Saturday, September 22, 2012

Science Experiment #1

This year we started doing Apologia Science with both girls. Madison is doing General Science and her first experiment was fun for all of us! We learned about density and the results even surprised me! :)

Filling in the liquid layers.

Anticipation was half the fun!
All the layers in place (syrup, water and oil) and the three never mixed!

Writing down her hypothesis on the results.

The rock sunk to the bottom through all the liquids. No surprise. The grape sunk to the water level, but wouldn't sink into the syrup. Surprise. The ice cube sunk into the oil. No surprise, but fun that it took to melt. And the bottle cap (which was supposed to be a cork, but it worked) floated on top of the oil. No surprise.

Side view because the teacher also thought this was just so cool! :)
Oh the things we are learning! More work than our last science, but definitely worth the effort!

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