Monday, September 10, 2012

Bible in 90 Days!

Yes, folks, we are doing this! And, by we, I mean Brian and the girls and I. Yep! We started last night. Our first day of reading twelve pages a day. Why, you say? I'm glad you asked ...

  • Because it is a spiritual discipline we want to foster in our lives and in our children's.
  • Because I was in my 40's before I read the Bible cover to cover for the first time and I was IN LOVE with His Word by the end of it!
  • Because God's Word is life, breathes life, guides, guards, directs, corrects, talks. You see, that is because it is LIVING and infallible. It is the Book of Life!
  • And, lastly, because we are anticipating a change in the season of our life. And, while we don't know all the details, we want to have it all bathed in prayer and the Word ... as a family, hearing His voice and following His direction.
  • Oh, and, I'm sure there are plans God has for our accomplishing this together that I don't even know. Can't wait for Him to reveal those!

If you are interested, there is more information at We purchased the program they have available and a new Bible for each of us to use on this journey. And, we started yesterday! My goal is to post weekly updates on our progress and what God is saying. So, here we go!

Bible in 90 Days: September 9, 2012 through December 15, 2012

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