Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Science Experiment #3

Peyton's science is Zoology: Land Animals and can I tell you she loves it!! Her first experiment was about habitats and how animals are suited to their environments, which allow them to hide and thrive. Amazing how God created us all and the animals, birds and fish to thrive in our specific environments. He rocks!

Building the habitat.

Our "animals."

Ready to experiment ... tossed our "animals" in our habitat. Our scientist was timed to see how many of the "animals" she could find in the habitat in 60 seconds.

Several of our "animals" were able to hide in our environment well.

Did she find them all?

Yes, she did. Recording her results and comparing them with her hypothesis. She was correct, of course!

And, it was so much fun, she did it over again and again with a little assistance from our smallest scientist!

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