Friday, October 12, 2012

Day Five: Magic Kingdom ... Some More :)

By popular vote, we spent the last of our five Disney days at the "Magic Kingdom." Of course, where else!

This makes me ready for a yard and some landscaping and some gardening. Yes!
Another big peeps fan favorite, "Space Mountain." Ridden many times over!

More celebrating! Love celebrating ... everything, not just Disney!
Note to self, celebrate more!

Waving at the characters. Baby girl LOVED the parades, as did the rest of the fam. It was especially awesome to watch with Daddy holding you up and in the cool of a tall, shady tree! :)

Even "Micka Mouse" got tired and needed a "pigga-back" ride.

Ahhh, the tea-cups!

And, this time without the little, thus MUCH spinning was called for! :)

Thought I might throw-up just watching them. But, oh the joy!

Not to be left out. My do it again, please! :)

Things to do while waiting in line at the Pooh ride.

Best seat in the house for the last Mickey show.

Our host and hostess!

So long until next time Mickey! We had a great time!

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