Friday, October 12, 2012

Day Four: Hollywood Studios

Day Four, we visited Hollywood Studios. The entrance to this park was a 50's - 60's theme, which I LOVE! This park was all studios and shows and rides and parades and big fun! Here are some of the highlights ...

The "Mouse" hat ... Disney IS magical!

Learning how action movies are made. Enter "Indiana Jones." Quite interesting!

Aaaahhh. The parades. The wee one loved this!

The "Hollywood Tower" otherwise known as the scariest ride in all of Disney. The peeps, who rode most roller coasters more than once, did not go on this one twice. :)

More action film learning. This was pretty cool!

Loved these soldiers. Their costumes must have been scorching HOT, but they were too cool!


Wee one loved "Fantastmic!" Except for the darker parts, which Disney could leave out in my opinion, but the light show was awesome!

Once "Micka Mouse" joined us, he went everywhere! Including the next days adventure. :)

Couldn't get this photo back in order ... grrr! But, who would miss out on a photo op with Mater and Lightning McQueen? Not us! :)

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