Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disney Day Three: Animal Kingdom

I know you must be wondering where Day Two is, right? Well, the photographer, a.k.a. Mom, was laid up with a migraine and Nurse Brianne was caring for her whilest she sent of the Daddy-O and the big sisters to Epcot. And, said photographer, doesn't have access, currently, to the camera used on that day. :( So, praise Jesus, He healed the headache and our fun continued on Day Three at the Animal Kingdom!

The BIG awesome tree, all carved, in the middle of the park. Cool characters!

Anticipating meeting "Micka Mouse!"

The Big Moment! Awwwww ...

Still holding hands ... look out Daddy, there may be a new man in her world! :)

Henna tattoo.

And, one for you, too!

Petting zoo!

Madison's favorite version of monkey ... and Emperor Tamarin! Isn't he so cute with that mustache? Only God could've known he would be on display. His daughter, Madison, was thrilled! 

Best seat in the house ... err, park!

Oh yeah, she's got the rhythm!

One seriously blessed family! Oh how I love the peeps in this pic! :)

Dino ride!

Embarking on one of the milder roller coasters.

Did I say mild? :)

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