Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this quote! Why? Because it smacked me right in the face today. Jesus talking. Why? Because we are moving back to Texas. Hallelujah! And, we are so excited. Huge, HUGE answered prayer.

But, ... did I say but? Yes, I did. But, we are moving to Katy, Texas, not DFW the city we had called "home." And, while I know in my knower Katy is the "Promised Land" God has for us and great things are waiting there, I keep looking back at DFW and wishing for our friends and our kids friends and our amazing church (which we have sorely missed for the last two years for a multitude of reasons) and stumbling over just the idea of starting completely over in a new place. And, quite honestly,  I have listened to satan and not taken my thoughts captive and, what's more, been halfway agreeing with His lies. I have repented and asked forgiveness for being a stiff-necked Israelite. Ugh! But, apparently, I have still been hanging out there because the Lord smacked my "stinking thinking" with this little nugget today. Thank you Lord!

Now, on to the next chapter and NO LOOKING BACK at the chapter before last. Humbled and grateful.

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