Monday, July 15, 2013

I Ain't Gonna Lie ...


This has been my countenance in several conversations with God lately. Me dressed in defense or maybe offense, whatever. Things are slowly changing, but they are still hard. And, nothing's been checked off our list of H.U.G.E. things ... although there is slooooooow notable movement. Thank you, Jesus! Really.

And, I am ever so thankful for folks in the Bible who didn't get it right or even perfect or even close to perfect, like David and Peter. There are things about the end of this season that I'm not feeling so much like choosing happy about and I'm thankful He can take all that I dish out and, frankly, that I can kind of feel Him smiling that I trust Him to do that. While we wait, He is teaching us some serious character lessons and peeling the ick off and preparing us for His plans (which I mostly have no real specific clue about, but know will in some ways match my vision and in other ways be more than I can ask or imagine). Thankful.

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