Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today is a good day to ...

Sit inside and sip iced tea and thank the Lord for air conditioning
and an overcast day because it is H.O.T!
Pray for our Root Family, blessing others across the continent in Africa.
Rejoice with my sweet friend whose promises are manifesting.
Exciting and encouraging!
Marvel at all God did in the heart of our big girl at camp last week.
Daydream about living in a real house again and where that might be or better yet,
continue to make my requests known about that to the Heavenly Father.
Miss the beach and our Majestic Oaks peeps in Biloxi.
Get my film developed so the blog ideas I have rolling
around in my head can come to life.
Marvel at the little ways that God reveals things that are
beautiful about me. :) Things I forget.
Watch our littlest water color.
Sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with hand motions included.
Count the ways we are ridiculously blessed to counter-act those annoying voices that come and whisper in my head while we wait on God's to fulfill His promises to us.
Eat single bites of "Three Muskateer's" bars that Carol saves for me
 at the office for when we pick up ice ... for the tea. :)
Read a book and maybe take a nap.
Or, try out that new chocolate chip cookie recipe.
Smile a lot 'cause there's lots to smile about!
Stand and be overwhelmed by God's goodness.

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