Friday, October 4, 2013


Dear God, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the crazy amazing ways You have blessed us. Thank you for our refrigerator, that's big and super cold, cold enough to keep ice cream really solid versus soft serve and big enough that I can plan better meals and not go to the grocery store every other day. It rocks! Thank you for the water and ice in the door. Just an extra special touch You added. Thank you for the garbage disposal and dishwasher, things that make daily life just a wee easier. And, thank you we are not eating on paper plates anymore. Thank you for the kitchen in general. It is one of my favorite places in the whole house. :) Thank you for the washer and dryer that You provided us. They rock, may I now say. I love sitting on my bed folding and I love being able to do the laundry at my own pace. Thank you for all the space we are walking around in and just how amazing that is. Thank you for all the things on my "future house" list that You checked off. Thank you that the girls all love their bedrooms and having their own bed again. Thank you for the empty boxes that are being turned into a playhouse. What fun! And, thank you for the girls creativity and imagination. Oh, and thank you for all those awesome books we just unpacked. I love reading to the girls and I love that our smallest hasn't even read 1/2 of them. Thank you the girls were so excited they sat and read and laughed for an hour and for the precious moments I heard the marvelous middle reading out loud to our baby. Thank you for the trees and the shade they provide us. Thank you for the cool weather that's coming and a deck where we can sit outside and enjoy it. Thank you for the creative ideas for storing things. And, thank you for the ideas for projects that  are to come. Thank you for a home for my giant pumpkin that I've had for years and never taken out of the box. It looks awesome in the yard. You know how much I love Fall. Such a gift! Thank you for the lawn tools/mower you provided the money for by providing a buyer for the riding lawn mower. Thank you for your provision for the cost of last weekend's trip and fixing the extra refrigerator to sell by providing a buyer for that work-out unit. And, the crazy thing is, it's another example of Your perfect timing since we've tried for years to sell both of those things. You knew we'd need them now. Thank you in advance for all the ways you will provide for the other things we need and even some of the things we want. Thank you for the ways you will move mountains blocking our way and for the joy it gives me to watch. Thank you in the times it's not easy to wait, you help us with our ridiculous unbelief, like there has ever been a reason to doubt your goodness. Your promises are "yes and amen." Thank you that you are here in the good, the bad and sometimes ugly. Thank you that when we call on You, You are always there. Thank you that You make beautiful things out of dust. Crazy beautiful. It's amazing to me how much You love us. And Lord, in all honesty, even if we were still in the RV, it would still be amazing to me how much You love us. Thank you, again, God. Debra

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