Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lips Sealed

I'm thinking I might need this poster-size all over my house or at least on an index card on my bathroom mirror and perhaps one stuck on the dash in my car. Seriously. There are times I think I, and those precious souls around me, might benefit from my wearing a very large roll of tape on my arm as a bracelet, to tape my lips shut. God knew. He knew when He created us, we who are dust, that we would walk through times that try our spirits and the only and best way to walk through it was to walk WITH Him. Hand in hand. There are great things happening in our lives as this season begins. There are challenges and mountains, too. But, God is faithful. Always faithful. And, I am seeking Him, before I open my big mouth (most times, just being honest). Thankful in the moments when I am having a "anger flash," He is there to help me over the hump, increase my humility and truthfulness with myself and others, help me to have wisdom and insight to confess, forgive me and help me back up. God rocks!

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