Monday, October 21, 2013

Post-It Notes and Gina!

If I was tech savvy enough, I'd make a few post-it notes for my friend, Gina, because it's her birthday today and I think she is ah-ma-zing! But, I can't. If I could, one would say, "Happy Birthday!" One would say, "I love you!" And, one would say, "So incredibly thankful that we get to do life together." I could go on. So in honor of Gina's birthday today, here are photo's of she and her clever crew's payback to us. Remember the fork incident from here? Well, can't fork someone in an RV (when we were living in it) and you have to be clever not to mark said RV and who else would think of using post-it notes. I love you Gina and your helpers, too!

The clue ... although, they were super crafty!

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