Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Because She Rocks!

I don't know many people who have lived to be 96 years old. My Grannie is one of them and she's still ticking. She has outlived all her siblings, her parents, her grandparents, my Paw-Paw, all his siblings (his sister was mere days from 100) and two of her children, one of them my sweet Mother. She is a pillar, as was her Mother before her and my Mother after her. She has seen pieces of life that are ugly and pieces of life that are just so sweet. She was raised to love the Lord with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength and she has done that! She is a shining example of Him in skin.
About a month ago, we got to visit with her. There is just something unexplainable and very precious about sitting with her and holding her hand, always so warm and soft. She has never once not known me or my family or asked questions about our doings, in spite of her failing memory. She is, for me, one of the last true pieces of my Mother. She and my Paw-Paw loved us through our Daddy dying and supported my Mother in everything and what an amazing legacy. I am the only of the grandchildren with Perry's coloring. He called the two of us "the last of the Mohicans!" So funny! My Grannie was an amazing cook ... potatoes, carrots and roast was a favorite and her casseroles and all the yummy desserts she whipped up. And talk about competitive. Gracious! That woman could play some tennis and after that don't think about losing if you were on her team in Ping-Pong! :) I still have the quilt she and I made when I was in high school and they lived with us for awhile after everything they owned went down-river in the flood. My sister has her pressure cooker and the sound it makes. Mercy the memories.  She made all the corsages and boutonnieres for my wedding, among other things. She and my Paw-Paw were always there to fill in the missing pieces and to create amazing memories. Oh, all the fun we had just being loved by them. Treasures that will stay with me forever. I love my Grannie!

When we married, she made Brian an afghan that was extra long for his height.
 She has always loved him, always asked about him, kidded with him, giggled with him. Still does!

The entertainer! She solicits the most hugs and kisses! :) Grannie loves it!

Our girls have had the gift of growing up knowing their great-grandmother.
So amazing! Our big girls and their "Big Grannie!"

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