Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Jammies and Heel's"

Tonight at church was our first Mother-Daughter event, "Jammie's and Heel's", and it was chock fully of girliness and fun! The evening included pizza, pillow-making, pillowcase decorating, lip gloss making, make-up, finger and toe nail painting, watching “Enchanted” on the big screen, bracelets, a high-heel race (with the added difficulty of running backwards for the bigger girls) and, the grand finally, an ice cream sundae bar. You can’t beat that! Thank you Susan, our groovy Children’s Minister. Here are some of the highlights …

Best of friends getting ready to get "phoofi-fied"

Snuggly pillows ...

Pillowcases ... to ensure "sweet dreams"

Making Mommy look "beautiful, Darling, simply beautiful!"

Oh, what lovely fingernails you have!

See, many colors to go with many outfits :)

"Ladies, get your pumps ready!"

"And the winner is ...."

"Mmmm, mmmm, good!"

What would we do without good friends?

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Amy said...

that really looks like a fun outing for the girls! glad you had such a fun time!