Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Thousand Gifts ...

“Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

I am driven to discipline myself to be with Jesus all the time in everything. And, I am driven to teach that to our children not just in words, but in my actions and behavior. What I want is to walk with God, talk with Him, know and feel and sense Him tangibly all the time. To be aware of all that He does for us, all He created for us, all that He wants for us and to walk in it. To breathe Him in deeply and express that to others. I believe that it starts with praise and gratitude for every thing, every gift, every little detail, and all the things I take for granted. So, I am taking the challenge. I am joining the “Gratitude Community” and making my own list of "One Thousand Endless Gifts." I am choosing to “establish gratitude as a personal soul fixture.” Isn’t that cool? The Bible tells us to be “overflowing with thankfulness.” (Col. 2:17) Now that’s a foreign idea in a world that encourages keeping up with the Jones’ and discontentment. Satan clearly comes against thankfulness and contentment in my life. “You’re weird … that’s not possible ... God didn’t do that, so-and-so did … people are going to think you are holier-than-thou.” Well, call me weird. I want a changed and thankful heart. So, I am focusing on gratitude, praise and counting all my gifts and blessings.

Here goes …

1. My Heavenly Father, who loves me!

2. My sweet husband.

3. Two precious, beautiful gifts from the Lord ... our daughters.

4. Our family restored.
5. A "new" marriage.
6. Grace.
7. Strawberry popsicles.
8. The smell of fall that gets under my skin and brings a freshness to my attitude.
9. "I love you, mommy!"
10. Home schooling.
11. Fresh baked bread ... smelling it and eating it just out of the oven and smeared with butter.
12. Quiet time with Jesus.
13. Love songs sung to Him.
14. Friends who still love you in spite of yourself.
15. Wii.
16. Little girls prayers.
17. Memories in photographs.
18. Freshly laundered sheets.
19. The smell of vanilla.
20. God's word.
21. Baby girl falling asleep to the "Kari Jobe" CD praising the Father.
22. Big girl reading books, just because ... sharing her mommy's passion.
23. Hot chocolate chip cookies.
24. Washing the car with Daddy.
25. "Mommy, can you lay down with me?"
26. Sweet faces on sleeping children.
27. Holding hands.
28. A cool breeze.
29. Freshly mown grass.
30. Old people's wisdom and stories.
31. Painted toenails.
32. A van-load of underprivileged kids playing basketball with men from the church.
33. Singing old hymns in church and seeing my Paw-Paw in the back of my mind leading worship at the top of his lungs with joy on His face.
34. Sitting outside under an umbrella with girlfriends watching children swim in the rain.
35. Daughters so tickled with each other that just looking at each other brings more laughter.
36. Pumpkins.
37. Puppies.
38. Swimming pools on hot days.
39. My favorite pen.
40. Being called to love others because I am so deeply loved.
41. Down-right, "call it like it is" truth.
42. Serving lunch at an inner city church as a family.
43. Waking up with praise music playing in my mind.
45. Making my husband coffee and breakfast in the mornings.
46. Journals.
47. Little girls playing baby dolls and house ... amazing imaginations.
48. Cookbooks with pictures.
49. Success with a new recipe.
50. Sabbath.

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April Spicer said...

Wow. Thank you sister. I love every one of your thankful things and many of them bring a smile to my face. I'm so glad you started blogging. I read yours every time you post. I miss you and I'm so thrilled to see God working in you in new ways I can learn from. I wish I were closer so you can teach me some good parenting tips, housewifey tips, etc. So just post a lot ok? :) Is Kari Jobe the CD you had in the prayer room? You had a CD in there that I LOVED and meant so much to me as I prayed for Brian's and my upcoming move. Can you burn me a copy???? Or direct me to where I can get one? I loved it. Love you!