Monday, September 8, 2008

More Gifts ...

51. My Mom, who taught me and continues to teach me how to be a mom!

52. Ladybugs.
53. Fresh peaches.
54. Old pictures ...
Yes, this is some of my Dad's family. That is him in the middle of my Grandma and Grandpa ... the cute guy.

And, this one is my Grandma Schultz. Guess which of the grandchildren I am?

55. Homemade, decorated birthday cakes.
56. Quiet early morning moments with my husband.
57. Bed and breakfasts.
58. "Little House on the Prairie"
59. Homemade popcorn ... my Daddy said that white hulled popcorn is best and he is right!
60. A cool breeze that reminds me that seasons change, but God does not!
61. Flyswatters.
62. French fries dipped in chocolate milkshake.
63. Rain.
64. Porch swings.
65. Cows grazing.
66. The library.
67. Dew on grass.
68. Piggyback rides.
69. Good fiction.
70. A great first day at school.
71. Prayer.
72. Tender hearts.
73. Groceries.
74. Telephones.
75. Baby kittens.
76. French toast.
77. Yellowstone National Park.
78. Hiking.
79. Moose.
80. My Bible.
81. Love notes.
82. Pony tails.
83. Migraine medications that work.
84. My husbands big, warm hands that can massage my aching head.
85. Sweet daughters who jump in to help when I don't feel good.
86. Diet Coke.
87. Cute new clothes bought off the 75% off rack!
88. Home made tortilla's.
89. Central Market Grocery Store that inspires me to cook.
90. Wedding rings ... a symbol of commitment.
91. Money to pay the bills.
92. God's gifts and callings that are irrevocable. (Romans 11:29)
93. The freshness of a rearranged room.
94. Toilet paper.
95. Little girls "blankies."
96. Snuggling with my girls in the early morning hours.
97. Jesus waking me up to sit and have a chat.
98. Laughter at Whataburger with old friends and new friends at 11:30 p.m. after a women's event.
99. Seeing some one with new eyes.
100. The ability to memorize scripture.


Paige said...

Your blog is a regular stopover for me now! Love your pictures. You are very photogenic Ms. Debra!

We got good news today! Pat does not require chemo or radiation so our journey is almost over! More details on my blog!


Julie said...

Love the picture of all your gals! Priceless!!! Enjoyed reading your list.

Anonymous said...

The picture of your mom is stunning.

Your mom is stunning...and so is her daughter.