Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last Night ...

“Speak, Lord, and let the romance begin.” Oswald Chambers
And, thus the quote that began the night! I was privileged to sit with a groovy group of women seeking to know God more. Becky Tirabassi spoke at our church and she is dynamic and on fire and contagious and I could have listened to God speak through her all night. God used one of Becky’s books, “The Burning Heart Contract,” to start me on a real, authentic journey with Him in January of 2006. Becky is dead-on serious about calling everyone to a focused, daily relationship with Christ through prayer and digging into His word. She doesn’t mince words and I like that. Tonight, God spoke to me through Becky, again. He used her to remind me that I am precious to Him and that He is jealous of our time together. I have come to a place, thank you Jesus, where I miss Him when I compromise any of the time I commit to Him every day. Becky challenged me to be very specific in my prayers, especially for my children. I confess I have been lax in that. But, not anymore! I plan to be BOLD. The Bible says to ask anything … more than you can imagine … believing. I have experienced that truth and I want more. The Bible also says the more I seek Him; the more I find Him, know His character. The more I sit at His feet, the more peace there is in my life and the more I will, prayerfully, shine His light in my life to others. Thank you Lord for women who encourage me with their words and their lives that there is no other way but YOU!

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Julie said...

Oh I am so glad it was a great evening. I just picked up her book Sacred Obession. Thank you very much for speaking truth about the Lord and our prayers to Him. I needed that reminder too!!! He just blows me away.