Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bible In 90 Days: We Did It!!!

Yes folks, we finished! I am proud of our little family. We read the Bible OUT LOUD from Genesis to Revelation in 90 days: September 9, 2012 through December 18, 2012!

It required much discipline, changed attitudes at times, redirection, an act of our will some times, and an online person reading it out loud to us some times, but we accomplished what we set out to do. And, oh, the learning that happened and the loving Jesus that happened and the Word of God read OUT LOUD in our home for an hour to an hour and a half that happened! Well-worth the effort!

We learned, again, that God's Word IS living and active. There are things in stories we've heard that we didn't remember or never recalled learning. There are things in the Bible we didn't remember reading before, ever. God whispered sometimes and roared others. And, we prayed together every day. What an incredible gift and blessing!

Would I recommend it to you? ABSOLUTELY! It is well-worth the commitment and the time and the discipline to do it.

What next you ask? Glad you did. After prayerful consideration, we have decided that January 1, we will read the Bible together as a family over the year using the One Year Bible (a little Old Testament, a little New Testament, a little Psalms and a little Proverbs every day) and memorize 10 Bible verses a month as a family. Fun! Excited! Love it! Thank you, Lord!

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