Friday, December 14, 2012

December Birthday Girl!!

We celebrated the big THREE year old this year with a few of her favorite things: the carousel, Santa Clause, bubble gum, a train ride (her absolute hands-down fave) and Diego birthday cake, which she talked about all week and was the most excited about! What a blessing and a gift our Brianne is! So smart, so funny, so verbal and creative. She is pure joy! Happy Birthday Babiest Girl! We love you!

Getting ready to ride!

Mommy and me! :)

Figuring out the game in line for Santa with Daddy.

The Santa-man himself and three beautiful girls!


Here comes the train! Seriously, she would've ridden this all day long!

Daddy was a wee too "Daddy-big," as Brianne calls it, to fit into the train.

Waving to her public!

The Diego birthday cake with a mountain and flowers! Yum!

Can we eat it yet?

A few presents ...

Playing. Note the shoes! She's insists on wearing those princess shoes everywhere we will let her. Love!

Birthday Girl cook-out ... favorite: hot dog!

It was a good day, don't you think, Grandma?

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