Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cruising the Coast 2012

So, I have fixed my issue with Picasa today ... finally ... and can now blog again! Hallelujah! :) Here is some more "Cruising the Coast" fun. These cars are EVERYWHERE for a week and some are just plain funky and fun. Enjoy!

I've seen many an RV, but none so very cool as this one! ;)

This car reminds me of the truck, we lovingly referred to as the "Old Jalopy Truck" that my Paw-Paw had. Miss that fun old truck. Miss my sweet Paw-Paw even more!

Guess you can't have a car show without a monster show. Love this man and love these girls.


He's even got some fuzzy dice!

Made me think of Al Capone!

I want one of these!

Our friends from Louisiana who came to the car show and camped next to us for two years. The girls all loved playing together for the week. No surprise they homeschool, too! :)

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