Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pumpkins and A Party

Yes, I know it is way past October, however, this was such a great "Pumpkin Carving Farewell Gathering" for us with our Majestic Oaks peeps that it was worth recording! The front office staff really became family to us for the almost two years we were at Majestic Oaks. Last year and this year, we got together on an October  evening to carve pumpkins and eat some yummy home-cooked food (a fab Phillipino dish by Sherry and ridiculously delish chicken by Stephanie's hubby). Sweet Sherry blessed the girls and I with going away gifts and we all enjoyed each others company, took a load of pictures, laughed alot and demonstrated some rocking creativity. Here are a few of the highlights ...

Big girls and Miss Sherry sporting some awesome headbands, just one of the goodies in the bags she blessed them with.

Big hugs from the wee one who was (and continues to be) completely delighted with her two new princess skirts! Yay!

Stephanie and Rachelle!

Grody gut cleaning.

What a smile!

Ah yes, never to young to decorate a pumpkin.

Beto and his enormous pumpkin.

Starting to carve.

Very focused.

Helping Beto add his design! He was so precious and patient with her and let her color all over his pumpkin. So sweet!

Giving Rachelle directions.

The finished product ... meow!


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