Thursday, December 6, 2012

Last Day at the Beach

We took the opportunity to take photo's and hang out one more time on the Biloxi Beach before we moved on to our next season in Katy. I am always amazed at the vastness of God when looking at the ocean and the peace that comes from just being near the beach. It is an awesome thought that God knows the actual number of sand grains on the beach. He is so HUGE and so good! How can we ever forget it!

The big trunk next to Miss Madison is HUGE as you can see. It used to be way out in the ocean and I would wonder as we drove by what it was. Hurricane Isaac blew that big old beast up on the shore. Amazing!

Can't resist these three girls!

No words. :)

Baby feet following the Daddy. Just the way our Heavenly Father would have it. Him walking and us following in His footsteps.


Very busy and quite adorable.

The mister and I ... love that man to the moon and back and back infinity!

So long Biloxi! It has been a great season with you! :)

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