Monday, December 3, 2012

Southern Promiseland ...

I LOVE the Fall. I LOVE it! And, one of the last things we did in Biloxi was to visit the corn maze at the "Southern Promiseland Farm" just outside of Gulfport, Mississippi. What I especially loved is that it is called the Promise Land because it is for me a reminder that we were moving into the season of the Promised Land that God has for our family. Love how God just jumps up and encourages His children that way!

Very cool "merry-ride-round."

Brings great joy when powered by an awesome big sister!

Shooting at the "Corn Cannon."

Even Mom took a gander at it.

And, none of us made it. Not as easy as it appears!

Petting the animals ... so fun! Goats, pigs, a horse, and chickens.

It's a blurry photo, but so fun! Dad and the bigs about to conquer the corn maze!

Will they find the clues and figure out the maze?

I love this picture. Reminds me that our focus is on the "Tree of Life" and not the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil." Follow the "Tree of Life!"

Mommy and me on the little train.

LOVED the slide!

Our beauties on the hayride!
Self-portrait (with the camera) of me and my amazing mister!

Just thought this was way quaint!

Yep, they're a-growing.

And, yes, they won the maze "investigation!"

Oh, and P.S., I know this is from October, but remember the little glitch with the photo's. :)

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