Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We had a great time celebrating with Cody and a large majority of the Morel siblings in Decatur, Texas, last Saturday. Cody recently “graduated” from Army boot camp. It was a proud moment for his Mom and Dad, but also for those of us who have been standing in Cody’s corner in prayer for his future. Cody not only looked much slimmer and handsome, as always, but there was an air of maturity around him that hasn’t been there before. Comes with growing up and having responsibility, I guess. We are very proud of our nephew … and the other two nephews, Jeremy and Josh, who are serving our country in the Navy and Army.

Brian and Cody

Of course, there’s a photo opportunity in every event …
here’s a group shot of 5 of the 7 sister-in-laws and 6 of the 8 siblings. We were missing Nathan & Rolanda and Joe & Vicki.
Jenni, Stacie, Shelly, Addie and myself ...

Justin, Bubba, Travis, Stacie, Heath and Brian ...
I'll let the fellows explain the horses' pa-tootie!

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