Sunday, August 31, 2008


I am resolved to do what God has been giving me to do and satan has been trying to steal. I am resolved to stop being frustrated and to keep moving forward, knowing that my Heavenly Daddy is going to move the obstacles and open the doors for me to do what He is calling me to do. I am resolved to write what He puts on my heart, exercise like He has instructed, get up, get moving and do ALL, not just part, of what He is instructing. I am resolved to memorize scripture so I can readily use it as a sword against satan and as encouragement when I get weary. I am resolved to stand in the fact that I am “equipped for every good thing” and that my thing is perfectly designed for me, so I will rejoice in it! And, I will rejoice with others in their thing. I am resolved to stop choosing lazy and lukewarm and be hot and on fire knowing that my God speaks to me and lives in me and I have a purpose and calling to fulfill. I will NOT be pulled back into the old, when I can live victoriously and with great blessing in the new. I am resolved …. I will not look back. “I can do all things (exercise, cook, teach school, raise children, be wife and whatever else He calls me to do) through Christ who gives me strength.” Now that is exciting!