Saturday, August 2, 2008

Darren & Misty

I love God stories … Darren and Misty are linked here. I don’t know them, in fact, I have never met them, but I know the journey they are on. They are waiting for God’s word to them to manifest on this earth … they have been given a word that Misty will be healed on this earth. Misty has stage IV brain cancer and six weeks ago was sent home with only two weeks to live. Since returning home, Misty has only progressed … God’s glory! She even beat pneumonia in a body that isn’t supposed to heal … God’s glory! I link them so you might pray for them, but also be inspired by their story. Never give up. I can’t wait to hear the full testimony from Misty’s mouth when she is fully healed and can speak again. Go God!

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