Saturday, August 23, 2008

Music and Memories

I am moved by music and listening to it can bring me back to places and times of great joy, sorrow, laughter, fun and reflection. I can even close my eyes and go to that place in my mind and smell the smells and feel the feelings. It’s awesome that our Heavenly Daddy created us to remember, particularly when we remember how good He is and how He blesses us.

I opened up a huge box of cassette tapes … yes, I said cassette tapes. I know that dates me. It was the way we entertained ourselves in between customers at the garage sale... listening to old … some really old … songs and remembering. Remembering college years, growing up, music our parents listened to on 8 track tapes, old friends, dorm rooms, dancing, laughing, dating, chick flicks, road trips, hanging with family and friends ... simplicity. It was awesome and I couldn’t let myself sell any of them. Maybe I’ll sit with the girls one day and share some of those stories of my life. Won’t that be fun? Thank you, Father, for music and memories.

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