Friday, August 29, 2008


Grace: favor, good will, kindness; the free unmerited love and favor of God;
the spring and source of all the benefits men receive from him;
a state of reconciliation to God; favor, mercy, pardon.
1828 Noah Webster Dictionary

I thought of this today … grace, God’s amazing grace, while I was reading someone’s blog post about how they never understood grace as a child. God brought to my memory last week when one of my children was in trouble … she wasn’t going to get to do something she wanted to do as a consequence of a bad choice. She was quiet and lamenting, then returned to participating in a dialogue with her sister and a friend. And, then, she said, “Mom, can I have grace this time?” Her friend said, “What’s grace?” She said, “It’s when you get to not be punished for something.” It came to mind because I want my children to understand consequences, but I also want them to understand and feel grace. The grace that God has bestowed on all of us in His mercy and tenderness. Grace that my daughter is understanding in a small way because of a couple of occasions that I have shown her grace. Isn’t it awesome! Something good I have taught her in the midst of all the mistakes I make. I am not sure I fully understand grace and I definitely don’t always embrace it for myself. But, thank goodness that God has shown me grace that I might show it to others and especially to my children.

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Julie said...

I totally agree! I too have always wanted my children to know the lessons from consequences but the power of Gods grace. I am finding as my children grow how much I desire to be lead by the Holy Spirit in this area because I think I have aired to much I grace at times and one son now tends to expect that. Lord give us wisdom!!! It is a beautiful lesson you are teaching your sweet daughters.