Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Small Sampling ...

... of what can be found on the hubs phone photo gallery, downloaded of course. Have I mentioned lately that I adore this man and am so beyond thankful God gave me him to do life with?!

Love these three ... HUGE!

Father/Daughter Guided Fishing Trip last year.

Niece's CRAZY hair idea. Loved it!

What was left of a rattler he killed ... he removed the rattle. Ick!

Head board idea and I'm kinda liking it. :)

Seat on plane to London, England.

Castle in London. Rough work trip, eh?!

One of our creative chicks invention at the storage unit.

Mountains. Work trip in Colorado or Utah, can't recall which.

Can't miss a golf course photo op. It's a requirement!

Look at this sunset!

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