Friday, September 20, 2013

Mother Teresa

Such wisdom. What an understanding of grace and love. I love this woman. I love her story. I love how God did amazing things through her and her humility and willingness to be obedient. We've read her biography twice, at least, and I am inspired every time. She understood what "loving like Jesus does" really looked like. She wasn't perfect. None of us are. She struggled. She cried, I am certain. She was angry, I am certain. However, she was prayerful and she knew beyond a doubt that God worked amazing miracles. He did. He still does. He is just waiting on us to jump on the band wagon. Mother Teresa was focused and on a mission from God. She wasn't trying to do something big. She started with one. Where she was. With what she could do. And, God, He turned her few loaves and fishes into a mighty and far-reaching ministry. Yep. Love Mother Teresa.

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