Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Yes. Yes. Yes. And, amen. And, yes. Did I say that? I'll say it again ... YES!!! I cannot start this post without stating I am guilty as charged on many accounts. Repenting. We live in a world where people communicate by electronics only and it is just WRONG. It is satan's tool for messing up communication, messing up relationships, stealing joy, stealing activity and just plain stealing. There, I said it. Let me also say that social media and electronic communication has its place, but all in good measure and used with wisdom. We are raising a society of kids that do not make eye contact with any one person. Just a rectangle that fits in their hands. Real, true, deep relationships are not built that way. People are not who they really are and life doesn't genuinely look like what is written or posted or photographed on FaceBook or Instagram or whatever other media program one might choose.
Jesus said, "I come to give life and life to the full." He was into relationships. He was a face-to-face kind of guy. He sat with people. He ate with people. He gave them His focused, full, undivided attention. I would even be willing to bet He would've written letters and thank you notes (sadly a lost art these days), after all the Bible is a large grouping of letters inspired and Divinely Purposed by Him.
We are stepping off the media ladder. It's time to set limits, break habits and establish real life-giving, life-producing routines. We won't have a t.v. for a couple of weeks and that's fine with me. We will have space to move about, play, be creative, create, use our God-given imagination and I, for one, can.not.wait! Bring on the conversation!
*Editor's Note: I did find this photo on FB. :( And, I think that little nugget solidifies my resolve even more.

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