Friday, September 6, 2013


Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend and as I type that I am thinking it was labeled correctly. A friend texted me what I was humbled and awed by (because I posted that on FB) and this was my reply:
Just an amazing, awe-inspiring, humbling 'cause my attitude got addressed BIG time and God's revealing some of His plans for us here kind of weekend. Loving on some broken kids hearts here at the park. I want to adopt all 3 of them. Wading through my crappy, menopausal (TMI, sorry), not trusting Him, bad mood/attitude. And, He is so gracious. Balled all through church this morning because God is just sooooo BIG. And, He's showing me lots of "He must increase and I must decrease." ... It's good and humbling and growing TONS and stretching and goodbye curses, you know Goliath's brothers, trying to hang around and lots of great googly-moogly, really.
I asked and He's answering. No words by how happy that makes me, even if I don't want to hear the answers some of the time. Even if it means raking off some more fleshy gunk. There is much He is doing over here. Much in my heart. Much in our lives. Much. And, He is revealing much. I love it. It's awesome. It's painful at times. It's growing and stretching and surrender and trust and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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