Thursday, September 12, 2013

Smiling Sheep

Yep! That's us. Today's the day we become home owners again. Today's the day our new season begins. We are no longer RV residents. We now live in more than 400 square feet and, essentially, one room. :) Praise the Lord! And, praising Him, too, for all the ways He has planned to love on others through us in this house, in this season. We are giddy with anticipation!
Things we'll miss about RV life: Extreme togetherness! Space is great, however, I have loved the being together part of this life, too. We all agree. Crazy, huh? Makes me smile a lot. :) And, constant access to the swimming pool.
Things we're looking forward to: A dishwasher. A refrigerator that will hold more than two or three days of food and will keep ice cream frozen solid. A larger pantry, which will allow for more cooking, less trips to the grocery store and improved food budget management. Space to create and spread out and do homeschool. Re-discovering what is in all those boxes we packed three years ago. No more Laundromat. Praise Jesus! And, a bathtub (something we didn't have), located in more than one very, very small bathroom. :)
It's been an amazingly blessed three years. Looking forward to all God has planned in this now time! And as Shannon at FPFG recently said, "Pray .... because it feels really important and we don't ever want our inherent brattiness to get in the way of obedience. This opportunity is a gift."

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Alece Ronzino said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! Congratulations, friend! So beyond excited for you!