Thursday, September 19, 2013

Station Break ...

We have had the distinct privilege of loving on some precious teenagers who we know God placed in our path for this particular moment in time. Three kids, two families, different scenario's. All important to God. It has been a real treat and a challenge, all good things. I have had to really put this quote into practice, especially the latter half, in answering questions, being supportive, dealing with such brokenness and  explaining this uglier side of life to our children. It can make you angry and break your heart all in the same moment. I have never been so thankful for the unbelievable wisdom and grace my sweet Mother lived in her season of single-parenting and as a parent in general. I am watching the consequences of selfish parenting. I think what breaks my heart even more is how desperately two of these sweet teenagers want a "real" relationship with their mom. And, how much the third one wants to be noticed and important. I am not missing the lesson in it for me. It is humbling to see where I must be more intentional and vigilant in expressing my love to and constantly speaking life over my children. Every day. Every moment. I am thankful for the Lord trusting us with these sweet children's hearts for this period of time we will be able to help them. I am even more thankful the Lord entrusted us to parent our own three beautiful girls. Prayerful we are making a difference, a lasting impact for the Kingdom. Knowing that God loves all of them even more than we do.

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